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Product name / model: OBD2 3G GPS Tracker TK208
   Introduction: TK208S 3G GPS Tracker,Plug-and-Play design, OBD connector, support WCDMA, realtime gps tracking,get gps&gsm signal faster, Smart engine on/off detection, RFID for personal identification, for cars a
Product name / model: 2G TK208 simple install OBD gps tracker
   Introduction: TK208 2G GPS Tracker, with OBD connector, plug-and-play, much easier install, smart engine on/off status detection, with wireless immobilizer as secret lock vehicles tiny.
Product name / model: TK510 3G Fleet GPS Tracker
   Introduction: TK510 GPS Vehicle tracker is the most advanced & cost-effective solution for vehicle security, real-time tracking & fleet management.
Product name / model: TK228 OBD-ll GPS Tracker with RFID & Bluetooth Diagnostics
   Introduction: TK228 is the integration of GPS Tracker + RFID Car Alarm + Bluetooth Diagnostics.1      Plug & play design with OBD-II connector, compatible with all the vehicles with OB
Product name / model: TK428 OBDll 4G LTE GPS Tracker
   Introduction: TK428 OBDll 4G LTE GPS Tracker
Product name / model: GPS Vehicle Tracker TK108
   Introduction: TK108 GPS Vehicle tracker is the cost-effective solution for security & real-time tracking. It is specially used for car/truck tracking because of its compact size and strong functions.
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